Help Wanted:  

   1) The Real Constitutional Lawyer, but not as Obama, Needed.  

  I filed with US Disrtict Courts so many lawsuits against the US Senators, SSA, Moron G. Abbott, D. Doyle, Sam Adams, Kate Brown, Jeff Merkely and etc (see my page, but US Judge A. Haggerty dismissed all my Complaints saying that I "harass" government employees. Wow! It is the real USA. President Obama, so many US Judges and US Senators are abusing the power of office, do not perform theirs job and obligations, ignoring our laws, do judicial misconduct, violating the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, and on base of Amendment XIV, Section 3 must be removed from we the People's offices. But, who could judge them if they are appointing US Judges and Attorneys?

  That is a rape of this Constitution.

Also I filed with Wash. Co. Circuit Court in Hillsboro a Small lawsuit against Mayor of Beaverton Doyle for violation of my civil and human rights, for illegally confiscating my Driver License.                                                                                                                                                                          I have all evidence that I'm right and could represent and defend myself. 

 So, I myself can't fight this so rotten and corrupted political and judicial systems. I (ProSe) filed with Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal a Complaint of Judicial Misconduct and Disability against US District Court Judge Fish, B. Lynn for violation of the Constitution of the USA and rape the Code of Ethics for Government Employees. And with Ninth Court of Appeals against US District Court Senior Judge O. Panner for same crimes, with demand to remove these two not convicted yet criminals from the US District Courts. This country understand, pay attention and reply when someone blowout federal buildings. This nation need to enforce Law and Order.

Pavel Goberman or (214)698-9448   or   

   2) No one better than me could help most people of many nations in possible prevention of many medical problems, including cancers, prevent wrinkles and slow down the aging process through my unique fitness program. It will save people big money spending on doctors, medicine, supplement, vitamins, "beauty" products and etc. and may save many lives.

  For the benefits of people all ages and sexes, especially women, I need help in social media, public marketing and promotion. I need an Agent, the media buyer, large book publisher, GhostWriter, Publicist, Promoter or etc. Unlimited income potential. The name of my second edition of book and video will be: "Think! Get Fit and Energized! And Grow Healthy!". .............. .

  This book / video is on health / fitness: unlimited income potential: everyone want be healthy and prevent many medical problems.

 Pavel Goberman           Get Energized!                                                                                                                                                  or                        

                       My fitness business has a very beneficial products for customers in all world: book and video, the best workout: I want competition in swimming, push-ups, pull-ups and etc.   ............ 3) I'm widower and looking for a special lady to marry. ........P.G.///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


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