My Letters To President Trump and to former President Obama:    

      ..../////... President Trump, you say that sexual predator, liar US Senator Moore is better than Democrat? WOW! I didn't realize that you such idiot. You have no morality, have fake patriotism and do NOT know the elements and violate the Code of Ethics for Government Service, and for sure you do not know that for violation of it you, Quaker, must get prison term. ////////// President Donald Trump: stop abuse the power of office, stop violate the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees: without Confirmation of the US Senate you may NOT fire honest FBI Direct Comey. This Honor Man must be reinstated. Or all nation will go against you. /////////////// President Trump, you said that you won because of "Great campaign". Baloney! You won because you had an idiot opponent: Crooked, corrupted Hillary. This stupid woman with big mouth ignored my help, and as I predicted - she lost. /////////// //// President Trump, stop follow the Fake Media and divide Americans on Republicans, Democrats and others. Have own brain. /////////////// President Trump ............. 04/14/17. You wrote: "Order and justice are being restored". It is your dirty lie: many US Judges, including Chief Justice Roberts, are not convicted yet criminals, felons - did judicial tyranny, misconduct and abused the power of office - they denied justice for me. All my many lawsuits dismissed on base that I "harass government employees", and my Complaint to you was ignored. You are a Liar, Crooked and corrupted Donald Trump. The Bible: "Cursed who withhold justice from orphan". The Life, the Nature will punish, cripple you, as it happened with Hitler and German Fascist Army, which killed my parents and many others who hurt me. ///////////////////// President Trump, Attacking Syria without my advise: you have no any evidence that Syria / al Assad used chemical weapons. It could be a provocation. Why you act on behalf of UN? You promised to take care of the USA. And: you do NOT know Russia or it will show you "The Kyzkuny Mat (Mother)". Instead of to create peace with Russia - you and an idiots in US Congress want to take sanctions against Russia - it is a way to start create a graveyard for your-self and We the People: WWIII, nuclear war. I didn't realize that you are so narrow minded man. Pavel Goberman - Candidate for US Senator, Dallas, TX ///////////******//////President Trump: I, trusted, blessed you and you won. But you hurt me very badly: ignored my Complaints to you for to get justice with this so rotten judicial system. So many US Judges are "raping" the Constitution of the USA, and you, gave an Oath to support this Constitution, but you cover-up theirs crimes. It is a felony. You do NOT qualify to hold this position and you are a real man - you must resign or be impeached. So, I "pay back" as I could: I cursed you (The Bible allows to do it, and, if there is a God - he will punish you.) - therefore as I predicted, you have and will have so many problems as Immigration Reform, "Amazing" failure with wrong approach to change "Obama Health Care", and I predicted it. Do NOT blame Democrats - blame your-self: you ignored my help. Also: something bad will happen with yours / your family health. ///////////////........//////////// President Trump, I use the real for my real name Pavel Goberman. You use the real Twitter for your Fake : I replied on your posting, but you didn't reply. /////////////////////// President Trump, I supported you and recommended to many to vote for you, even I was for yours "Next 8 years". But you lied to me, you ignored my many emails and an official letter to you for to get justice, to stop violation of my civil and human rights. Now I started movement against you: you violated, again: you do not support the Constitution of the USA, that is a qualification for to hold the public office and you must resign. You also violated the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, that is a felony and must get a prison term. You, President Trump divide this nation on Republican and Democrats: you raise money for not convicted yet criminal US Senator Ted Cruz, you promote his useless US Senator, when I, his opponent in 2018 Election, honest, incorruptible, do NOT accept any "donation" from no one. Pavel Goberman - Candidate (D / American) for US Senator, TX 03/12/17 P.S. Copy in my WebSite. P.G. >....../////.... President Trump, you promised to support the Constitution of the USA, that is a qualification for to hold the public office, and "stand-up" for justice, for protection of civil right, but do not do it. You ignored my letters to you. So: just do it or resign. ////////// ////// Former President Obama: I wrote to you Complaint against a few US Judges, who are violating, raping the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, and your are responsible for it. But you didn't answer. You cover up theirs crimes and you yourself is not convicted yet criminal. ///////////// President Obama, you stand up for to invite Syrian Refugees in the USA. Very good, and I hope you will be an example for all nation: invite one large family to live in your home, and provide them everything without taxpayers assistance or you could borrow money from China for this. You have enough money for this and could afford it. Young and healthy Syrian Refugee men do not want to fight for their country, making children and with help of the media junta / mafia seeking shelters in Europe and in the USA.           Pavel Goberman, Candidate (D, but honest, incorruptible) for US Senator in 2018 against useless and not convicted yet criminal Ted Cruz, who violates our Constitution and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, and punishment for this must be a few years prison term.                                                                       "I promise to Help to Create a few Millions Jobs and Balance Budget"                                 or                                        Case # 3:14-cv-00322-SI

                     DEMAND TO REMOVE US Judges Leighton, Chief Judge Marsha Pechman, M. Simon, Haggerty From US Courts for brutal violation of the Constitution of the USA:                
  President Obama, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral people", said John Adams, Second President of the USA.
 "Equal justice under law" and "First duty of society is justice", written on walls of US Courts. But it is a lie.
 I got a letter "Opinion and Order" from US District Court Judge M. Simon, Portland, Oregon: he dismissed my lawsuit. But this letter / Order is a piece of junk, illegal, no signature of judge.
 And the subject this letter / Order is so different from my Complaints. I'm so positive that this letter was fabricated by Defendant with a plot and conspiracy of this court and on behalf of Judge Simon, and sent from this court. So, Judge Simon has a full responsibility for a fraud of this Order.
 Judge Simon did Judicial Misconduct, abused the power of office and We the People's trust. He has no any respect to our laws. Judges Leighton, Pechman, Haggerty, Simon gave an Oath, but violated this constitution: Article. II. Section 4.,
 Article. III. Section 1.,
 Article. IV. Section 1.,
 Article. VI.,
 Amendments: V., IX., XIV Sections 1. and 3. and
 The Code of Ethics for Government Employees.
 I demand from you, President Obama, to support our Constitution: Article. II. Sections. 3. and 4.,
Article.IV. Section. 1.and Article. VI.. and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees and remove US Judges Leighton, Pechman, M. Simon and Haggerty from US Courts.
Pavel Goberman - Advocate for the Constitution of the USA.
P.S. Copy in File, US Court, Defendant and in my Internet's web page.  P.G.
     President Obama                                                        Pavel Goberman -
    White House                                                              Candidate (D)) for US Senator.
    Washington, DC                                                         
     Remove US Judge A. Aiken for Violation of this Constitution:                    06/13/14                    
   President Obama, I filed Complaint against the Oregon Secretary of State K. Brown for violation and rape of the Constitution of the USA, but Chief Judge of the Oregon US District Court Ann Aiken refused to accept my Complaint on base as "frivolous". WOW! The KGB, the Fascist style! It is a real judicial tyranny in the USA.
   It looks like Chief Judge A. Aiken has some mental problems, does not know our laws, can't perform her job and obligation, violates, criminal contempt own Oath of Office, this Constitution and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, that is a felony and for violation of which must be two years prison term.      
   In 2000 US Supreme Court ruled and affirmed in 2008 that Closed Primary is unconstitutional and this Constitution does not prohibit me to run a Candidate (NAV) for US Senator in General, 2014 Election, but US District Court Judge A. Aiken ruled that my Complaint is not important.
   US Judge Aiken has no any respect to our laws: assaulted the whole judicial system, spitted in face of We the People, violated my freedom of speech, abused the power of office, violated, criminal contempted and day-time brutally raped the Constitution of the USA: Article. II. Section. 3; Article. III Section 1 and 2; Article IV Section 1 and Amendments: I. V, VI, VII Section 1 and on base of Article. VI. and Amendment XIV Section 3, US District Court Judge A. Aiken must be removed from We the People's the President of the USA / US Senate, who hired this judge and are responsible for judge's crimes.
  The black robes of US Judges Pechman, Aiken, Haggerty and Simon must be changed on black and white for felonies.
  What authority I have to fight back who hurt me and this country? To curse US Judge Aiken and others: they will get cancers and other deadly diseases. The Bible allows me to do it, and ..... it is working.
 I demand from you, President Obama to give an order to proceed all my Complaints.
Pavel Goberman - Advocate for the Constitution of the USA.      /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

        President Obama              Pavel Goberman, Candidate (NAV, honest, incorruptible) for US Senator.         White House,                              "I promise to Help to Create Millions Jobs and Balance Budget"         Washington, DC                                Beaverton, OR 97008       (206)886-5320                                    or or ////////

                             COMPLAINT AGAINST US JUDGE SIMON:                                           06/02/14
  President Obama, US District Court Judge Simon, Portland, Oregon lies, abuses the power of office, did judicial tyranny, violated, criminal contempts the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government employees: denied my Complaint without legal court trial.
  Demand to investigate and on base of this Constitution Judge Simon must be removed from We the People, from the public office.
 Demand to proceed my Complaint.
Pavel Goberman                                                                                                                                       

   President Obama, enclosed is a Copy of my letter / Complaint against you to Pope Francis:

            Pope Francis              Pavel Goberman, Candidate (honest, incorruptible) for US Senator.
            Vatican                                "I promise to Help to Create Millions Jobs and Balance Budget"
                                               .               Beaverton, WA 98126   USA   
             Complaint Against President Obama, who creates Fascism in the USA.              05/26/14
  Dear Pope Francis, we are at same age. But ... I passed and survived WW2: in 1941 German Fascist airplanes shut us, 4-year old children on the roads to the East in Russia. I survived starvation, but my mother and father died, saving me. Result of war: Fascist German Army gone.
  In the USA my civil and human rights were violated: 16 years ago I was illegally terminated by TRI-MET and can't get justice. I was arrested and placed in jail for nothing. My Driver License was illegally confiscated, even I didn't violate any traffic law.
 My many Complaints with US District Court against who violated our laws were dismissed by US District Court Judge Haggerty who said that I harass government employees..
 My many Complaints to you, the President of the USA Obama against Judge Haggerty and Chair of the EEOC J. Berrien were ignored. You President Obama creates judicial tyranny and Fascism in the USA.
 Bible says that: "From Bible: Cursed is anyone who withhold justice from orphan, from me and For wages of sin is death. Something very bad will happen with you and this country.". The government of the USA became an evil government. It is the real USA, USA, USA.
Pavel Goberman    /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  President Obama,                                                                                                                   04/19/14
 My civil and human rights were violated by this country: 16 years ago I was illegally terminated by TRI-MET, which is on federal funding, 3 years ago I was illegally arrested and placed in jail, 2 years ago my Driver License was illegally confiscated by Oregon State.
 My many Lawsuits / Complaints against US Senator Merkley, Commissioner of BOLI Avakian, Secretary of State Brown, State Judge Wipper and etc were unconstitutionally dismissed by US District Court Judge Haggerty, possible mentally ill, on base that I "harass" government employees. My many Complaints to you with "Demand to Fire Judge Haggerty and Oregon US Attorney Marshall" and proceed all my Complaints, were ignored by you. You violated our laws: USC T 5, Section 2302 and own Oath, that is a perjury, a crime, a felony. You, President Obama, also violated the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, and punishment for it must be at least 2 years prison term. You have no any respect to our laws and to We the People, who hired you. You must perform your job or be a Man - resign.

Pavel Goberman - Candidate (D, but honest, incorruptile) for US Senator.                                                        Advocate for this Constitution


   Many years ago I predicted that without my help you, President Obama will have no success.                   03/28/14  And as we see - I was right. "Empty vessel produce too much noise" - proverb.                                               And ObamaCare will not work because it will benefits insurance companies, young healthy people will not sign up and health insurance premium will be much more. And it is illegal, abuse the power of office to dictate people what to do or pay fines.

   On 03/24/13 I sent to President Obama a "Demand to Fire US District Court Judge A.L. Haggerty and the Oregon US District Attorney A. Marshall" for violation and criminal contempt of the Constitution of the USA. //////////  //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

     Open Letter to President Obama, Jill Stein - Presidential Candidate of Green Party and to We the People:

          Jill Stein and C. Honkala         Pavel Goberman - Candidate for US Repr. 1st Cong. Distr. 
         Green Party                        Campaign: "I Promise To Create Millions Jobs And Balance Budget".
                                                                                    FEC ID # C00487249
                                                                            FEC ID # H 6 OR 01209      
                                                                 and on left click on: Vote
                                                               (temporary is not activated)  
                   CLEAN UP YOUR PARTY:                                      09/09/12
 Before of to talk and run for We the People's public office as President of the USA - clean up your party from the garbage in Pacific Green Party of Oregon, which did a federal crimes: a plot, fraud and conspiracy and a very dirty political tricks.
  Green Party: dishonest, which hurt our country and We the People very badly.
 Pavel Goberman - "Unique political phenomenon", from article about me because I see what others - don't.
P.S. Copy on the Internet, Bill Moyer and to the public. 
                                                                          P.G.  ////////////////////////

  My Message to President Obama:                                                                               06/17/12

  You, President Obama ignored my help, and as I predicted: without my help you failed and will not fix many national problems, and Romney has no any concrete plan to help country.
  Only my plans will fix our economy: in two months create a few millions jobs, solve the health care problem, balance budget and fix this rotten and corrupted election, political and judicial systems.

 Pavel Goberman - Candidate for US Repres. 1st Congr. Distr. at General, Nov. 6, 2012 Election against useless Bonamici.                "Unique political phenomenon" - from article about me.    or

              THE USA ACTS SAME AS IN FORMER USSR:             01/06/12
  President Obama, in former USSR political prisoners worked very hard and food was very little and bad.  There were skinny and hungry prisoners. 
  When prisoner of the Communist regime went on hunger strike against very bad food and very hard work, the KGB said that this prisoner went on diet.
 In the USA, when I filed with federal US District Court of Oregon a lawsuit with demand a trial by jury against the Oregon Secretary of State Brown for violation and rape the Constitution of the USA, the federal US Judges A. Haggerty and A. Aiken, against both of them in the past I filed a lawsuits for judicial misconduct, dismissed my case as "frivolous and harassing" without any trial by the jury as I demanded. So, what I could expect from them? Retaliation and again judicial misconduct, felony.
 And I didn't expect a judgement in the favor of our laws from these not convicted yet criminals in Judicial Robes, but it was my obligation to do it. You are responsible
 What is the deference between the former USSR and the USA courts? Nothing.
 In 1978 when I was lucky to leave the USSR, that time no one even think that this evil system of will destroyed. Will it happen with tyrany of the USA? Who knows.
 Bible: " Cursed is the men / country who withhold justice from the orphan".
 I have no power to fight back, but the Life, Nature and possible the "God" will judge this country.
Pavel Goberman /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

   My Christmas "gift" to President Obama:                                                                                12/25/11                Message to President Obama: "Cursed is the men / country who withholds justice from the orphan / alien.", Bible.           
 This country talks too much about violation of human rights in other countries. My civil and human rights were violated here, and I was illegally terminated. For more than 15 years I can't justice. And now the Oregon Secr. of State Brown with help of Att. Gen. Rosenblum are raping the Constitution of the USA (Amendments I, V, IX and X): refusing to print my name on the Voters' Ballots. My many Complaints to your, Pres. Obama and US Att. Gen. Holder left without answers. History: who hurt me, will be hurt much harder. The Nature, the Life and the "God" will judge us: something not good will happen with this country as it happened with German Fascist Army (killed my parents) and collapse of the former USSR (also illegally terminated me).

 Pavel Goberman - Candidate for US Repres. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
      President Obama                 Pavel Goberman - Candidate (R) for US Repr. 1st Cong. Distr. in 2012
                                                     Campaign: "I Promise To Create Millions Jobs And Balance Budget".
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       JAPAN vs NATURE and same: the USA vs Me, Pavel Goberman:      04/05/11 
 It is too bad what happened in Japan: Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear crisis, Radiation and etc. The most people in Japan are very good, and so many died.
  But ..... some of Japan people are slaughtering beautiful dolphins and whales for food for Japan people. Not killing dolphins right away to death, without suffering, but bloody beating them many times to death. And Japan people eat these bloody fish / animals saying nothing in protest against slaughtering dolphins.
  Maybe because of it the Nature made this disaster?
 Same, not bloody, but suffering the US government of the USA does with me. For 15 years I can't get justice. And I for sure: soon or later something very bad will happen with the USA. I don't know what and when, but it will happen. As it happened with who hurt me in the past: former government of the USSR, German Fascist Army and etc.
Pavel Goberman
P.S. Copy in File.   P.G. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Copy of my letter I sent to President Obama on 04/02/11

     President Obama                Pavel Goberman - Candidate (R) for US Repr. 1st Cong. Distr. in 2012
       White House                         Campaign: "I Promise To Create Millions Jobs And Balance Budget".
       Washington, DC                                                       
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   CHAIR OF THE EEOC BERRIEN MUST BE FIRED:                 04/02/11 
   President Obama, you appointed Jacqueline A. Berrien as a Chair of the EEOC and you are responsible for her crimes. How, for what and why you appointed her? Because she is a black women?
 I many times wrote her letters with demand to investigate my Complaints against TRI-MET, a public transportation company in Portland, Oregon (which is on federal funding) for violation of my civil and human rights and illegal termination, but she did nothing. It is a crime and cover up, protection of crime.
She does not know how to run business, has no any experience  . She does not perform her job and obligation. She violates our law: USC T 5 Section 2302. She does not support the Constitution of the USA and on base of Amendment XIV, Section 3 she may no hold the public office. She violates the Code of Ethics for Government Employees and punishment for it must be at least two years prison term. Not convicted yet criminal in US government.
 You must fire her, this useless and harmful to many people woman.
Pavel Goberman
P.S. Copy in File and on the Internet.

  This is a copy of my letter I sent President Obama on 02/09/00:

    President Obama              Pavel Goberman - Candidate (R, but honest) for US Repr. 1st Cong. Distr. in 2012

       White House                         Campaign: "I Promise To Create Millions Jobs And Balance Budget".
       Washington, DC                                            990           
                                                                    and on left click on: Vote
   HANDS OFF EGYPT: DO NOT CREATE A DANGER TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY:                                                                  02/09/11   
   President Obama, President Mubarak of Egypt is a good "friend" of the USA (for money too), because of him there is a peace.
 The media and the government of the USA, you, provoke and encourage there protests, chaos, demonstrations and movement against Mubarak.
  Who will be next president? The Egypt could be next Iran, or a base, nest for terrorists against our country, next Iraq and Afghanistan, and American soldiers, but not you and the media will die there.
 The media and you, President Obama: take hands off the Egypt, do not create a danger to our national security. The People of Egypt could elect who they want.
  You talk too much about lack of democracy in Egypt. Clean up you nose Mr. President: we have here in the USA violation of civil and human rights and no any justice. I wrote to you many times about it, but ignorance only. You violate the Code of Ethics for Government Employees and do not support and do not defend the Constitution of the USA, and must resign or get prison term. It is a law of this Land. The government of the USA looks like is the most corrupted government in the world with the media junta. And they do it open, do not hide. The media mafia of the USA hijacked this country and for own huge monetary benefits encourages bribery and corruption by politicians, including Presidents. Nation for Sale. Elections in the USA bought. And a few only got prison terms. And the prove of it is "Obama's" Health Care Plan, which monetary benefits, pay back to donors and contributors: insurance companies, drug makers and etc.
Pavel Goberman
P.S. Copy in File and on the Internet.
                                               P.G   ////////////////////////////////////////////////////

   President Obama, all is going on as I predicted: without my help you will fail.                                                                                                                                                       09/22/10

    Pavel Goberman - Candidate for US Repres., Oregon
Copy of my email I sent to Obama:
       President Obama                     Pavel Goberman - Independent, "Not a member of any party"
          White House                                                  Candidate for US Repres. 1st Cong. Distr. 
      Washington, DC 20500          Campaign: "I Promise To Create Millions Jobs And Balance Budget".
                                                                            P.O. Box 990            FEC ID # C00487249
                                                                           Beaverton, OR 97075               H6OR01209
              REQUEST TO APPOINT ME AS ECONOMIC ADVISER:               09/13/10
  President Obama, as I see that no one better than me could help you and this nation to improve economy and solve many problems. It looks like the God (if there is one), the Life and Nature sent me to help you and our country.
 You have so many useless advisers with PhD, which does not make person smart, but life and business experience, as mine (73 plus excellent health)- did me wise.
   Appoint me as Economic Adviser and I promise in a few months I will help you to create a few millions jobs, balance budget and even create a surplus, that will save nation $390 billion a year spending on Interest and invest this money in to create more jobs.
 I promise to save nation many billions dollars spending on the health care, improve heavy traffics on highways and in cities, that will save time, money, fuel and improve pollution and environment, and etc.
 Also, as we see there on the Middle East is no peace because the approach to peace there is wrong. George Mitchell will have no success in talks.
 I have a plan and promise to help to make peace on the Middle East by unique approach. 
  Give me an opportunity.
  Again: yes, you can, no one better than me could help you to rescue this nation. Hire me and I promise to help you, and your approval rate will jump to the highest level.
Pavel Goberman - "Unique political phenomenon" - from article about me.
                                 "Wise Man" - mine and others' opinion about me.
P.S. But first: give an Order to the Chair of the EEOC Berien to perform her job and obligation: to investigate my Complaint of violation of my civil and human rights and illegal termination 12 and half years ago by TRI-MET, which still is on federal funding.  
 During last 12 1/2 years I can't find Justice. What is going on with this country? 
"Do not hurt an orphan", Bible. Therefore this nation has so many problems.    P.G.


 Here is a copy of my letter to President Obama on 04/22/10:

          President Obama                     Pavel Goberman - Candidate (D) for US Senator   
             White House                 "Stop Bribery, Corruption and the Media / Political Prostitutions!"
                                                          P.O. Box 990                      FEC ID # S4OR00065
 YOU LEAD NATIONS TO DISASTER: WORLD WAR III.                    04/22/10
  President Obama, all nations are hunger for a Leader. And you had this opportunity, but failed to get, because you ignored me.
  President Obama, you do so many mistakes, even crime in domestic and also in international policies.
You failed in national economy, failed to create many millions jobs because you ignored me. And I predicted and informed you about it.
   National security is more important than economy. Country could be very rich, but if we will not stop Iran from developing weapons of mass destruction - many millions Americans could die. And now, under your leadership this nation is more in danger. Do not rely on, do not trust who said that Iran could strike the USA in a few years. No one know what Iran has. Expect strike on the USA any day, and not only from Iran, but from any ship close to our borders. And it is your obligation to prevent disaster.
  My advise: fire many your so named Advisors, an idiots. Listen to me and do what I said you to do and you will succeed nationally and internationally. Or you will fall very low.
Pavel Goberman, Prophet.(Prophet? Very possible!), but ..... a Wise Man and
                               "Unique political phenomenon", from article about me.

   Here is a copy of my mail to President Obama:                                                               04/21/10

   American Proverbs: "The receiver is as bad as the thief".   "Don't put robber to work in bank".

         President Obama                     Pavel Goberman - Candidate (D) for US Senator   
                                                          P.O. Box 990                      FEC ID # S4OR00065
                                                        &nbs 97075
                                                                                                                                      I PRESIDENT OBAMA IS POOR MANAGER:                                           04/21/10

     President Obama. On base of Criminal Code Title 9 GCA Chapter 49.40(a)(b) Unlawful Influence, he pushed some US Senators to vote for his political agenda in his "Health Care Reform" in exchange for some benefits for senators' states. It is a crime. President Obama must be impeached.  ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    Here is a copy of my letter to President Obama:                                                                 03/24/10

   President Obama                Pavel Goberman - Candidate (D, but honest) for US Senator in 2010  
    White House                         "Stop Bribery, Corruption and the Media / Political Prostitutions!"
    Washington, DC                                                    FEC ID # S4OR00065

                   President Obama: You Must  Resign or Impeached:                03/23/10
 President Obama, you gave an Oath of Office and you must know the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, but you violated it, didn't put loyalty to the highest moral principles and to country above loyalty to Democratic Party.
  Yes, nation needs health care reform. It is discrimination against own people when 37 million citizens have no health insurance, but you did by not honest, by dirty way, in not good Faith: you did special "deals" behind close doors that is a bribery, you did a plot and  conspiracy.
  You, President Obama act for himself, for own political gain and interests. President Obama, you abuse the power of office, dictate, violate the First Amendment Freedom of Speech of We the People, punish people for nothing, that are federal crimes.
 President Obama, you do not support the Constitution of the USA, violated the Code of Ethics, and on base of Amendment XIV, Section 3 he can't hold any public office and on base of Article II, Section 4, you, President Obama must be impeached for bribery. 
It is a Law, a Law of this Land, and no one is above it.
Pavel Goberman - "Unique political phenomenon", from article about me.
P.S. Copy to We the People.
                                                 P.G. ///////////////////////////////////////////////

 Our nation has many problems:  bad economy, health care, huge $11 trillion deficit,  and etc. We are spending a huge amount of money on it, and it is NOT working, no progress. In the next decade this nation is going to spend $400 billion on prescription drugs.

  It is a copy of my mail to President-Elect Obama:

      President Obama          Pavel Goberman - Candidate (D) for US Senator in 2010  
                                            P.O. Box 990                      FEC ID # S4OR00065

          Request for Appointment as a Health / Fitness Counselor:   December, 2008

   A few years ago I wrote a Request to President George W. Bush: for the interests and benefits of this nation, to help this country in health care reform, to save on medical spending, to appoint me as a Counselor On Physical Fitness And Health, or Advisor to the President, and I promised to save our nation at least $30 billion on the health care, improve heavy traffic and etc. And I predicted: without my help he will have no success. But he didn't answer. Well, I can't give my brain to who have no own one, and as we see - I was right.

- I'm in excellent health, no medical problems because of my prevention fitness program, which I can use for the nation too. I do not spend money on doctors, medicine, supplements and vitamins because I pay attention to prevention of medical problems using my unique fitness program "Get Energized!" - I produce, making microelectricity in the body which is killing the cancer cells. The value of my PSA test on Prostate Cancer is 0.6ng (very good).

 As I predicted, President Bush lost - nation has $1.3 trillion deficit in 2009.

Nation, again: I can't give my brain to who has no own one.

-This nation needs my help, so, and I'm ready to "shake up, energize" all nations in the health care and in politic, for honest incorruptible government. I have a Plan of Actions.
Copy of my mail  to President-Elect Obama.         01/11/09

  President - Elect Obama, on 01/07/09 I  wrote to you a letter: "Help Yourself and Nation: Hire Me As Advisor", but not reply. Well, you promised change, improve economy, create more jobs, but started work by begging the Congress for money, which this country has no. And it is not sure if you will get this money, but with my advise - you could create many jobs right away.
  So, for now nothing changed, same and your are a Loser.
 Why? To do changes what you promised, that could be beneficial to you and this nation:  
 1) You will be a practical money manager: save big money ($150 million) needed for this parade,
 2) It is not proper to do some celebration when so many our soldiers are suffering and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. Canceling this parade will be a cooperation, a solidarity with our military, which will be highly appreciated by the military and us, the People and will show up that you are really care about who fight for us and defend our democracy,
 3) For yours and the People safety during parade. I'm for sure: security is good, but ..... who knows - we have so many enemies and many kind of weapons against us.
 I'm for sure: doing this will be a big contribution in your leadership.
  It is my advise, the rest is for you. Good luck!
 Pavel Goberman, the Wise Man.
         HELP YOURSELF AND NATION: HIRE ME AS ADVISOR                01/07/09
 President - Elect Obama, I wrote a few letters to you, but not reply and ignorance only. Well, I predicted that without my help you will have problems from the start, as we see - I'm right.
  You promised and elected for to improve economy, create more jobs and etc  but not by begging money from Congress, but creating jobs without spending money which this country has no, and I could help you to do it.
  Hire me as Advisor and I promise to help you and this country in:
 1) Economy: create more jobs right away without spending taxpayers money,
 2) Health Care: I could save nation many millions dollars per year spending on the health,
 3) Reduce our dependency on foreign oil: it will save us many billions dollars,
 4) Improve heavy traffic, that will save time, money and fuel,
 5) In 2 or 3 years balance budget,
 6) National Security: we must defend our country from a weapons of mass destruction, we must improve our relation with Russia in sanctions against Iran, and I could do it by talking with Putin and Medvedev,
 7) Also I have a plan to make a peace on the Middle East. The approach to peace there is wrong and etc.
 Background: clear, no any violations of laws, do NOT owe money to any one. (If I could have some problem with law - I would not run for US Senate).
 Again: help yourself - hire me as your Advisor and I will help you and country succeed.
 Pavel Goberman
 Bailout banks, Aig and car manufacturing companies is a very bad idiea. It is promotion who did a very bad jobs, it is a pay back to the donors.                         This action interntionally creates a big lay off, knowing that federal government will give them money and they will start hire again.
 Car / truck makers do not want to file for bankrupcy because they said that no one will buy car from bancrupt company. What a baloney! Reduce the price of car and the people will buy American, but not Japanise cars. But to do it companies must pay employees not $75 per hour, but $15 per hour.
 Election "victory" celebration party for $150 million taxpayers money is over now. Passed a few weeks of Obama's Presidency, but no any progress and Obama begs Congress for $819 - billion Stimulus Bill / Plan.
 Again: there is no need too much brain to run country by asking for money, which this nation has no. Obama uses a scare, so stupid tactic: if you will not give me money - the economy will be worse. Baloney!
 I have a plan for to stimulate economy, create many jobs without spending taxpayers money, but Obama does not listen to me. It shows up his very poor leadership method.
  Obama listen to his not smart advisors with PhD from known universities, who have no experience how to look for work. And they do NOT know what must be done for to start hiring. But I know.
 Therefore I wrote to Obama to appoint me a Labor Secretary.
  This Stimulus money will gone, nation will not make goods for this money, will sell nothing, will not generate money flow into country's pocked from abroad, but created more deficit, and after some time Obama will beg the Congress for more money again.
 Obama does not listen to me and I afraid that soon we will hear same word "Change", but "Change: Impeach Obama".
  On 01/20/09 Obama gave and Oath of Office and promised to support the Constitution of the USA.
  On 01/22/09 I wrote a letter to President Obama:
    President Obama        Pavel Goberman - Candidate (D) for US Senator in 2010  
    The White House        P.O. Box 1664                FEC ID # S4OR00065
   1600 Pennsylvania Av., NW     Beaverton, OR 97075        C00457986
   Washington, DC 20500           (503) 643-8348
  President of the USA Obama, you gave an Oath of Office, put your hand on the Bible and promised to support and defend the Constitution of the USA. So, just do it.
  In 1998 I was illegally terminated by TRI-MET, which is on federal funding. My civil and human rights were violated, I was harassed, discriminated and unlawfully terminated.
 The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) refused to investigate my Complaint, saying that did investigate. But it is a dirty lie. On my demand to provide me Production of Document of Investigation, but the EEOC refused to do it because there was no any investigation.
 I many times wrote letters to the Chair of the EEOC Naomi Earp with Complaint against the EEOC, and demanded from her to perform her job and obligations: the EEOC must investigate my Complaint, but no any action. It is a violation of the Constitution of the USA by Mz Earp USC T 5 Section 2302, it is a crime and violation of the Code of Ethics for Government Employees.
  US District Court Judge Panner dismissed TRI-MET's "Final Report" against me. on base of which I was terminated, as a fraud. So, TRI-MET has no case against me. Why I was terminated?
 I'm in excellent health, must work and pay taxes, but I'm consuming taxpayers money - I'm on Social Security. But I want to work.
 I'm asking you, President Obama: perform you job and obligation, support the Constitution of the USA, fight for justice - give an Order to the Chair of the EEOC Earp to investigate my Complaint. Or fire her: clean up the House.
  Crime is a crime, there is no law or term limit for to stop to investigate crimes.
  Justice must serve. I'm a Fighter and will NOT give up!
   Highly hope you will serve this country well.
Pavel Goberman
P.S. Copy in File.

P.S.S. In the Primary 2008 the students in one Oregon high school did a Mock Election and elected me, but NOT Jeff Merkley for USA Senate. I was not elected because I blame the media for bribery, corruption and prostitution, and the media retaliated me - didn't invite me on Debate / Forum of Candidates for US Senate. How low the media is - a cancer of our society.
  I'm running again and making a history: in 2010 I will be elected as first, Russia-born honest, incorruptible US Senator.
                       My mail to President Obama   on 02/09/09:
  President Obama, you have a big problem in creating jobs. Passed 20 days and no any progress because you follow an advises of an idiots with PhD, but not employers as me.
 You appointed Hilda Solis as Secretary of Labor for to help you, but she is doing nothing.
 Stimulus money will work, but not for long time, and these jobs will NOT generate money from abroad, but will put nation in the bigger dept.
 I sent to you many mails, but no reply. Well, as I predicted: for now you are loser. Again, again and again: without my help you will NOT have success.
 I afraid soon this nation will hear word "Change" again: "Change, Impeach Obama!".
 Again, again and again: without my help you will NOT have success. I'm so sorry for you: there is no need big money for creating job, there is no need for to beg Congress for money, which Congress has no.
 I have a plan to create jobs right now, but I have no authority to do it. Again: I'm so sorry for you. 
  Passed a few months, but President Obama didn't reply on my letter. It is a violation of the Constitution of the USA: USC T 5 Section 2302, it is a crime. President Obama does not support our Constitution and on base of Amendment XIV, Section 3, President Obama can't hold any office and must resign or fired by the People. It is a law of the Land. Again: impeach Obama!
 Copy of my letters to:
  UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown        Pavel Goberman - Candidate for US Senator
  Russian President Dmitry Medvedev    P.O. Box 990
  Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel     Beaverton, OR 97075   USA
  France President Nicolas Sarkozy        
  US President Barack Obama    
  UK Times newspaper, Gardian
  NY and LA Times
To the G-20 London Ecomomic Summit 2009:  Open Letter to the World:   
Boycott President Obama's Bailouts: it is a pay back to donors        03/31/09
 It is not a secret that the government of the USA corrupted. A few crooks caught only and got a prison term, but how many left?
 The government of the USA has so rotten political and judicial systems. Civil and human rights are violated and it is impossible to find a justice, but rape of the Constitution.
  The corrupted media in the USA is a cancer of our society, a public enemy: for own huge monetary benefits promotes bribery, corruption and political prostitutions, and talks and promotes the candidates for the public office who pays money, and the money, but not brains are dominated factor in the USA election, and an idiots get elected, that creates a danger to our and international security.
  President Obama (Talking Machine) corrupted, he paid the corrupted media, bought election, and now, with the media support he is paying back to the donors: bailout banks, AIG, car makers and etc on taxpayers expenses, he dictates the People of the USA, US Congress and all world what to do.
 This intentional protection big businesses creates more lay off: many businesses are closing now, or give a mass lay off, knowing that they will get money from federal government  and then they will start hiring again. It is a mass conspiracy of banks, car makers and etc. It is crime.
  There is no need too much brain to run country by begging for money from US Congress, which is corrupted and bankrupt. The USA has no money, but $11 trillion deficit.
 To print new money is a felony, a crime.
  President Obama also violates, ignores, does not support and criminal contempt the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees: covers up the crime of the Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Naomi Earp.
 On base of Amendment XIV, Section 3 - President Obama can't hold any office and must resign, fired or impeached by the People. Impeach President Obama!
 World leaders, think, do not be a puppets in hands of President Obama, do not support corrupted president and ignore dictatorship of President Obama, do what is good for all nations, but not what not smart President Obama wants.
  Message to President Obama:
 Why you, President Obama said no one word about fraud in election in Iran? Because here he himself  did fraud: bought election.               And now in Iran many people killed, brutally bitted and arested, theirs lives are in danger - I know what a brutal regime is, as was in former USSR by Stalin, who killed many thousands people. And now you, President Obama betrayed Iranian people, put them in great danger be executed, and their blood will be on you.                                                                                                                                 The government of the USA must do not accept the result of election in Iran till there will be a new election with international monitoring.       

           President Obama       Pavel Goberman - Candidate for US Senator in 2010 
                                         P.O. Box 990                      FEC ID # S4OR00065

 President Obama, your international failure started from Russia. Before to talk to Russia / Putin, you must know the root of these people. I know, I'm from there, but you refused my help.
 Putin met you with cold acceptance, without futures hope in you. Because Putin is smart. He see your wrong approach to fix ecomony and he knows that you will not succeed.
 And ... you do not know Russian people, did a few big mistakes and they didn't accept you well. The Obama - mania, created by corrupted media of the USA, bought by you, is over in Europe. So will be failure of economic policy in the USA. And all of these because you ignored me.
Pavel Goberman
P.S. Copy in my web site.  P.G. 
  Copy on my mail to President Obama:
             I PROMISE TO CREATE MANY MILLIONS JOBS:         07/13/09
   President Obama, passed 6 months: no jobs, but there are proverbs and sayings:
 "Talk doesn't cook rice", - Chinise Proverb.
 "Empty talks without plans do not create jobs", - mine, Pavel Goberman, Proverb.
 "Don't find fault. Find a remedy", - Henry Ford.
 "When deeds speak, words are nothing", - African Proverb.
 "Well done is better than well said", - Benjamin Franklin.
 "Empty vessels make much noise", - Proverb.
  One smart man named me his favorite politician because I see what others don't. It is not a surprise for me: if I would have no plans for to help nation - I will not run for office.
  I tried to help you in many fields, wrote to you many letters, but ignorance only. Well: you and nation suffer from it, but not me. Your approval rate is very low now: about 30-25%.
   I'm a "Vehicle" which could help you in to avoid an accident and deliver you to your goals.
   I'm an "Airplane", which could help you in from falling free, as it is now.
   I'm a "Boat". which could help you in from sinking, as it is now.
 All your failures are because you ignored me.
 I have a few plans, which right now could help you to create a few millions jobs, and do it without taxpayers / federal money, which country has no, and do it without increasing taxes.
 My plans could save country big money spending on unemployment now, save the people big money, which they could invest in to buy homes, cars, trucks, goods and etc. My plans would boom our economy and create many billions income for our deficit, improve heavy traffic, create big money for needed health care reform, which you started, and etc. Also I could improve our needed relationship with Russia.
 You, President Obama may call me: (214)698-9448, but first, I demand from you for a justice, to support the Constitution of the USA: stop violation my civil and human rights and my illegal termination by TRI-MET and judicial misconduct and crime by US Judge Panner.  I demand for my reinstatement and full compensation for my and my family suffering. TRI-MET owes me at least $700K in lost wages only, +.
Pavel Goberman
   Copy of my last letter to President Obama:                                     09/19/09
                           YOU DID SOME GOOD JOB, BUT   ......        07/19/09
 President Obama, you did good job for nation by firing useless, a public enemy and not convicted yet criminal Naomi Earp from position of the Chair of the EEOC. 
 Your approach the health care is not good: it will create a lot of unemployment, and you will meet a big opposition in Senate / House - it will put your reputation down.               
 Again, again and again: without my help you will NOT succeed.
Pavel Goberman
Pavel Goberman
   (I'm, a former Immigrant from former USSR and making a history: I will be elected as first, Russia-born honest, incorruptible US Senator, We the People's Senator).
 The Honorable Pavel Goberman, Candidate (NAV) for US Senator against moron Merkley. Some people know 
                                                 him and are saying that he is an idiot. And as we see: it is true. //////////////////// Now Obama gone: the air is clean. He did so much damage to me. How I could fight this evil back? By curse: I cursed him (The Bible allows to do it). Something very bad will happen with him - possible with health.


.......(214)698-9448 ......... .......


/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Messages to President Trump: 02/03/17 President Trump, demand from Russia to withdraw from Crimea and "return" to Ukraine. I'm for sure, is NOT acceptable to Russia, but invitation for to build up weapons of mass destruction - to nuclear, WW III. Russia will NEVER do it. And the People of Crimea voted for to belong to Russia. And it is too bad that "brothers" killing each other. /////////////////////////////// It is same if Russia will demand from the USA to withdraw from all it's bases oversea. Before to say this you must know the history of Russia: the Crimea was Russian territory - I was born there. And I many times informed you about it before and after election, but you ignored , didn't honor me. You will see reaction of Putin, who was going to establish a good, peaceful relation with you and the USA. Too bad! Russia will establish a good relation with China, N. Korea, Iran and etc. Russia will build up more bases. Well, I survived WW II, and somehow will survive next one. Pavel Goberman - Candidate for US Senator /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Obama gone. In the White House the air is fresh. I'm for sure: you, President Donald Trump will help this country. I could help you in 1-2 years to create a few millions jobs, balance budget without increasing taxes, improve heavy traffic on all US HWYs without spending big money borrowing from China on to build new roads and bridges, improve relationship with Russia / Putin: Crimea belong to Russia - I was born there. National debt is a terror against this country created by an idiots in US Congress, secure borders without spending big money. President Trump, the media continue to organize demonstrations and protests against you. It is a violation of the Code of the Ethics for the Media and you have the legal right to remove the Business License from this media for it and etc. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Also: President Trump, you want the Public Broadcast Service (PBS) to run by private company. I'm for sure: it is NOT good idea because We the People and the government need public broadcast as honest media, without constant lie as is now. And the PBS must represent the people and government, but not as it is now: paid by taxpayers, but is a stage for the big media sharks. The PBS must represent We the People with obligation of to inform and educate masses about candidates running for the public offices, organize Mock Elections and etc., that will stop bribery / corruption of politicians / candidates. Pavel Goberman - Candidate (American) for US Senator in 2018 Election against Ted Cruz. I do NOT accept any "donation, contribution". Advocate for the Constitution of the USA. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Message to President Trump and Mr. Steve Bannon: 01/26/17 President Trump and Mr. Bannon, you are right and more: The media here is not only the "opposition party", but under leadership of AP is the organize media mafia, junta, a cancer of our society, which know this country, and because this nation had no leader, but the media's clown / puppet, sheep (Obama), and for own huge monetary benefits hijacked this country, brainwash the masses. The media know that if D. Trump will be elected - it will be a big trouble for the media, and organized movements, demonstrations and protests against Candidate for President of the USA, and now President Trump. Doing this some the media junta / mafia violates the Code of Ethics for the Media, and on base of it President Trump may legally remove Business Licenses from these media. This nation, We the People and the government need the Public Broadcast Service (PBS), but it must be honest, be stage for information and education for the people and government, but not for the big media sharks as is now. ACLU is NOT honest, a fraud and fake organization: my many Complaints to it for to investigate violation of my civil and human rights were ignored, and I could testify against these crooks. They MUST be loyal to this country. Federal funding must be stopped. And: Secretary of State Kerry has small, NOT thinking, narrowminded brain: children born to mothers, came here illegally, having no permission to live in the USA are NOT citizens of the USA, but countries where these mothers came from. Giving children naturalization the government of the USA steals children from other countries, and separate families, sanding parents back, this is NOT good. Same did German Fascists and now Israeli' Fascist Netanyahu does. So, the government of the USA has legal right to deport illegal immigrants: mothers with children and they may apply for to come here legally. Pavel Goberman - Candidate (D / American, but honest, incorruptible) for US Senator, TX against Cruz. Advocate for the Constitution of the USA, "Unique political phenomenon" - from article about me.
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