WELCOME You, the Thinking Person for visiting my web site. .....///// In the USA is no justice but government brutality. The government of the USA is a gang of political prostitutes, selling We the People. A few times I ran for US Senator because for to get justice for illegal termination in 1998. The government of the USA owes me at least $ 1 million. /////////Texas State Primary, March 06, 2018 Elections were illegal: violation of the Code of Ethics for Goverment Employee - idiot Governor Abbott made law: Candidates for US Senator must file for Candidacy and pay $5,000.00 Filing Fees not with the Secretary of State, but with Republican and Democratic Parties. Wow! What a moron! .......///////...... I'm still an official Candidate for US Senator, TX, against not convicted yet criminal Ted Cruz. But corrupted Democratic Party blocking my election. ..... ////// ..... . The BEST way of to stop bribery, corruption and political prostitution of the candidates and the media junta / mafia is do NOT vote for who accept money and advertise. Voters in Texas, Republicans, Democrats and others, my name not in the Voters's Ballots. I promised to help this country to balance national debt, prevent Would War 3, create jobs and etc. ....//////..... Why I'm, Candidate, and running for US Senator in Texas? Because the policy of narrow minded President Trump, who ignored my advise and the media junta / mafia, which is blocking my election because I refuse to pay it, toward Russia, Ukraine, China, N. Korea, Syria and etc are "Digging Deep Great Graveyard not only for themselves, but for many millions Americans and Israel: newclear WW III", but I, as US Senator, will prevent it. Now, instead of to improve relationship with Russia and China, President Trump creates sanction against Russia, increase spending on newclear weapons. So, Russia and China will do same. Now they have allies for to help to fight back the USA: they are helping Iran, North Korea, Syria and others to develop newclear and chemical weapons for to fight the USA and Israel, and could sell them to terrorists. I'm so sorry for so low IQ of President Trump, who does not know the history of Russia: who started war against Russia - will lose. And: every country has right to punish traytors. And: also very important is: on December 30, 2017 Republican Party and President Trump increased national debt to $20.6 Trillion. Now, July 2018 debt is $21.2 Trillion, but President Trump said that nation has good economy. Debt: it is a terror against our country. Why it happened? Because an idiots bought elections. And do not blame them only: blame Republican and Democratic Parties for help them be elected. But I have a plan to balance budget in 2-3 years, create millions jobs and etc (see bellow). ....////.... . Is it possible the Honest, Incorruptible Candidate For US Senator Be Elected? Yes! If the media, specially the PBS, which now is a fake Public Broadcast, will obey the Code of Ethics for the Media and invite me on Forums / Debates of Candidates running for US Senator and Social media will promote me. But, the media junta / mafia has no any moral responsibility, and so afraid me that I will be elected, and, as I predicted, blocked my election, saying no one word about me. But, for money talks and promotes US Representative Beto O'Rourke only, as Candidate for US Senator, who does not perform his job, does not support this Constitution and not qualify to hold any public office. Instead of to work for benefits of the People, this man travel in state for to promote his candidacy. Also, for own gain for promotion, this man abuses his power of office demanding from his staff to run with him so early at mornings for advertisements. Wow! Tiran! Same do the crooks in Democratic Party .....//////..... .. Now idiots of State of Texas Governor Abbott and the Secretary of State Pablos are raping the Code of Ethics for Government Employees: instead of to put loyalty to the highest moral principles and to country, they put loyalty to the Texas Democratic Party and demanding to file for Candidacy with this party and pay it $5,000.00. Wow! It is a brutal rape of our laws: selling this country. My Complaints to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), FCC and the US Senate Select Committee on Ethics ignored. President Trump is responsible for appointing morons in US government. Now my name will not be in the Texas Voters Ballots. So, I'm asking voters to Write In my name Pavel Goberman for US Senator against T. Cruz. .....//////..... NO ONE better than me could help this country, so, what left for me? It looks like I, for purpose of to prevent WW III, must ask the Americans, Russians, China's and other Hackers and Social Media to inform and educate American People in Texas about me. Very good idea. Just do it: Write In my name Pavel Goberman in your Ballot ....../////// .......                                           ////////....../////// Money and politics: "The flood of money gushes into politics today is a pollution of democracy" - Theodore H. White. "The receiver is a bad as the thief" - proverb. Therefore I do NOT accept any "donations". "Money in elections is unpatriotic, servile and morally treasonable to the American public, this country, to We the People and is a dirty politics". /////////....... //////// The politicians, all members of US Congress (Senate and House), President Trump, many US Judges, the media junta / mafia, teachers in schools, professors in universities, the leaders of religion organizations as Pastors, Ministers, Rabbis, Amams and many others, who do NOT stand-up against money in elections, who do not put loyalty to the highest moral principles, to this country above loyalty to a person, party or government department, who divided this country on Republicans and Democrats and others, who promote money in elections, that is a bribery, who divide this country on white, black and others, and who even do not talk about it, are NOT honest, NOT patriotic, sin, helping to sell this "Great America" country and are Traitors. //////////...../////////BIG THANK to all who trusted and voted for me in the past. I wish to all of you be healthy. .......... . ...... /////////// http://www.getenergized.com/images/gober_p.jpg . ............ Now I'm running for US Senator in 2018 against Ted Cruz not for myself, but for all of us, We the People. .......... Voting for me you are helping your-self, your family and this nation. ......... ///////////. So many Americans died and got disabled in many wars for nothing. Why? Because politicians are making wars. How it happened? How they got elected? Because they bought elections from the media. The media is selling this country, We the People. .......... ///////// //. President Trump gave name to the media the "Fake News". It is correct, but it is not enough. I named the media a Cancer of Our Society, Public Enemy for constant lie, for selling our country, for promotion of money in elections, for electing so many idiots in US government and keeping them there for many years as moRon Wyden and so many others, for death and disability of so many American soldiers in not needed wars, for creating resistance and hate against police using words "Police brutality", that create death of so many innocent people and police officers. Obey police officer's order and there will be no "brutality". For creating illegal immigration, for creating bad relationship with Russia, that could create WW III, the nuclear war. Police officer illegally confiscated my Driver License, but I do NOT blame this police officer, but crook politician who in retaliation gave him an order to do it. And now the media junta / mafia retaliates, does a plot and conspiracy (federal crimes) against me: say no one word that I (D, but honest, incorruptible) running for US Senator against T. Cruz in 2018 Election. But promote O'Rourke. Do not say the truth is a lie. ........... ////////////////. Thank to We the People of the USA for giving me political refuge from former USSR / Russia in 1980. I owe this country / We the People, and in 1986, during naturalization, I gave an Oath to support and defend the Constitution of the USA, We the People and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, and do my best for this country. It is my obligation to do it and I do it now. ........... ////////....... This election, political and judicial systems are so rotten and corrupted. In government is bribery and corruption on base of "funds raising", selling nation / We the People. So many US Judges are raping the Constitution of the USA and President Trump and US Senator Cruz, who is a member of US Committee on Judiciary, are covering up theirs crimes: no any punishment, it is obstruction of justice, it is a felony. Therefore I'm running for US Senator. President Trump, Senator Cruz and so many more are corrupted, and on base of the Constitution of the USA, the Supreme Law of the nation, Article. II., Section. 4., all of them must be impeached. Also: the success or failure of any business or country, war or peace, death or life depend on elected Leaders, who must have not only education, work experience, but also life experience and high IQ, prevent and solve problems. And here I'm. ......... ///////.... What I will do for this country, for We the People: ....///.... I do NOT say "We must" or "We need to....", but I have a concrete plan to help this country. ..../////.... Very important: prevent WW III - establish good, friendly relationship with Russia / Putin, who also wants peace, and it will reduce spending on military, reduce debt; Every official, who gave an Oath of Office MUST support and defend the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees, or must be fired; US Judges and Attorneys MUST be elected: it will the real Separation of Power. In the Constitution use word "President shall appoint US Judges", but do not use word "must"; Prohibit money in elections, stop bribery and corruption of politician and the media junta / mafia, stop selling We the People: there is no need money in election - use taxpayers funded the PBS for to inform and educate people about Candidates running for the public offices; It looks like mentally sick members of US Supreme Court under "leadership" of Roberts Ruled that "money" is "free speech", and "Corporation" is a "Person" and allowed to "donate" money to candidates. Wow!, A few morons, possible mentally sick US Judges made this so stupid Rule, and 340 millions Americans, including President Trump, but NOT me, accepted it. WOW! In the constitution is nothing about donations, but there is that for bribery must be impeachment. What we could expect from dog, feeded by owner? Obedience!; ....////.... I have plan and will help this country in 1 or 2 years to create a few millions jobs without raising taxes; ..../////.... Control spending. I will help in 1 or 2 years balance budget without rasing taxes. More than $20 Trillion debt is a terror against this nation created by "experienced" moron politicians; ...////.... Traffics jams: HighWays designed for traffic to move, but NOT for parking, that consume too much time and money. I have a plan to improve heavy traffic on all US HWYs and cities without building new HWYs and bridges, that also will drastically reduce pollution; ..../////...... The Trump's and Cruz's approach to health care are wrong. I have much better plan to help people be healthy, that will save nation big money spending on the health care. .....//////..... Stop diagnose an addiction to drugs and alcohol as a disease and spend huge amount taxpayers money on "treatment": give "patients" free housing, food, medicine and etc. The BEST treatment is hard work "do not work - do not eat"; ..../////..... Prohibit to make noise in residential areas from 11pm till 6am - do not wake up people and make them sick; ..../////..... Reduce crimes: death for death. Child was not born criminal, the society, the government, no punishment for crimes make children criminals. The government must protect not only themselves, but also and all of us, We the People. Allow people to use weapons for protection of lives and properties. Prisons must be not for amusement, not for to get education, not for entertainment and build up muscles, but for harder punishment for all ages and so names "mental conditions", and must be profitable: prisoners must work and pay back to society; ...../////...... Vehicles insurance is a good idea, suggestion, but it is NOT government business to dictate people what to do and demand to pay for insurance. Stop "Day time robbery" - abolish requirement to have vehicle insurance; ..../////...... Allow to buy vehicles direct from manufacturers; ....///.... USPS illegally privatized postal service and it illegally increased rent of P.O. Boxes and paid Post Master General and others $350,000 a year. Fee for renting small USPS P.O. Boxes must be not $45 for 6 months, but not no more than $20 for 6 months; ..../////..... Unite, unhuman / fascist actions: separation of families - separated parents from children: return parents. Also free mother of 4 children Rosa Maria Ortega; ....////.... Legalize drugs; Alow insurance companies and patients to buy drugs from other countries; ....////..... Abolish states's inspections of new vehicles as unconstitutional, as "Day time street robbery"; Start inspection when vehicle has 40,000 miles. ..../////.... To have cars / trucks insurance are good idea, suggestion and recommendation, but it is NOT the government business to dictate to have insurance. Stop "street robbery": abolish requirement to have vehicle insurance. .....////..... All GMO products must be labeled; ....////.... All US government employees must pay attention to people, do NOT ignore them and must have responsibilities, or be fired; ..../////..... Prohibit to use chemical and antibiotics in food, that make people fat and sick, and feed hormones to animals; ..../////..... Stop harvest organs without permission of relatives; .....//////...... Investigate why more then 25,000 innocent Americans are in prisons and punish who responsible for it; ...../////.... Prohibit lobbyists in US Congress (Senate and House); ..../////..... I have a plan to solve the homeless problem; .....////.... Protect children from the the media, which promotes sex without marriage and taxpayers are paying for it; ..../////...... Work on to organize international efforts to fight fires and droughts (make rain) and prevent floods (forwards rainy clouds away from potential flooding areas); ....////.... Help organize child care on workplaces not only for government employees, but for all working people; .....////..... The AT&T, Spectrum and Verizon are making big money by old fashion way: lying to customers, refusing to provide cheaper services and overcharging customers and must reimburse them; ....////..... Public transportation: All Day Pass ticked must be not more than $2.50 for seniors, students, unemployed and low income, and $5 for others; ....////..... Lawyers, having Diploma, may practice law in any state without be a member of State Bar; ..../////...... Stop funding the Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas and many others, which are a scam, fake legal help and ignored people; ....////.... Reduce taxes; ....////..... Stop buy fish from China, but develop own fish farms; ....////..... On the people's requests keep residential addresses confidential, not open to the public; ...../////..... Unwanted, not permitted RoboCallers and any other disturbing callers must pay $5 fine for each call; ....////.... Traffic accidents: police in 15 minutes must clean up are and resume traffic. .....////.... I have an idea how to stop suiciders to kill people. ..../////...... Do NOT terminate DACA: make these immigrants permanent residents. .../////.... Establish good relationship with Mexico, help each other. No Wall between the USA and Mexico: Mexican people are NOT terrorists, but hard working people making America rich and defending our country. For benefits of both nations I have much better plan to stop illegal immigration. ...... //////....... Stop sending American soldiers abroad to fight and die for others. .....////..... and etc. ......... ////////// ...... General, 2016 Election. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Both of them bought election: paying the corrupted media mafia and this junta talks about them. Both of them did so many mistakes which are not good for this country. Vote NOT for party, but for a person: H. Clinton was a very bad business manager, ignored my help be elected and will continue failed Obama promise to "Change" and will continue bad relationship with Russia, that could lead to nuclear war. So, vote for Donald Trump - this country needs such Leader / Fighter / President: prevent WW 3 - establish a good relationship with Russia, help Assad to fight ISIS, improve economy, fight crimes and etc. But now I see that President Trump covers up crimes of US Judges. //// ........----..... . /////////// The media junta created Russian / Putin's "Influence" in 2016 USA Election. Possible: it is a common sense - if H.Clinton will be elected - she will continue bad relationship with Russia, so, Russia / Putin want D. Trump be elected. It is an indication, it is evidence that Russia / Putin want friendship with the USA. But Russians did NOT vote for Trump. And ..... Russians / Putin did "mistake": didn't buy in the USA TV advertisement and recommend We the People to vote for D. Trump. The media mafia for money could sell such advertisements. .....////////////. ........... President Obama, Romney and Cruz did so much damage to Trump, tried to destroy and dump him in election, and .... he now talks and promotes them. Wow! And I worry if D. Trump is a Real Man. And, for benefits of this country I tried to help D. Trump be elected, but he didn't pay attention, ignored me, didn't reply. So, I do same. And, more important: I'm richer than he - I'm in better health. It looks like both of them: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are poor leaders and must learn how to run business and this country from Sam Walton and ..... from me. /////////. The skin of face of D. Trump is not healthy, and looks like and all his body: it looks like he has a big medical problem as high blood pressure, varicose veins, possible prostate and etc. I could help him, but he ignored me. So, it is his problem. And now his doctor confirmed that D. Trump has medical problems. As we see: I was right./////////////. The organize media junta / mafia, which so afraid D. Trump, and on base of that he "has no political and military experience", organized a plot, coup and conspiracy against Trump, but failed. Now he got elected. ///// Mr Mark Cuban, you "dumb" again: D. Trump won not only because We the People do NOT like and do NOT trust corrupted media junta, prostitute, but because the people do not like and so tired from so many useless idiots, many of them are not convicted yet criminals, felons in US government as US Senators, Judges and etc, for many years occupying We the People's offices. Trump's "temperament"? It is very good: I have more energy and knowledge. And he is NOT "a danger to the country", as useless President Obama who opened borders and gave big money to terrorists, but opposite: he will prevent nuclear war and with my help improve economy. But, the approach to the health care by President Trump is wrong because he is not smart enough, and ignored my help. And as we see: I was right. My approach to health care will help people be healthy and will save nation many billions dollars. Also, to secure borders there is no need for to build very expensive Wall: I have other much cheaper plan. ////////////// Why I'm running for US Senator? Because of this country. "The Army of Lions commanded by a deer will never be an army of lions" - said Napoleon Bonaparte. ....... . I'm running for US Senator for to prevent WW 3. ....... . Obama and Kerry do NOT know the history of Russia and created very bad relationship between Russia and Ukraine and now brothers killed each other. Obama and Kerry created bad relationship with Russia, that could lead to nuclear war. ....... I'm running for US Senator in 2018 against useless Ted Cruz? Because he gave an Oath of Office, but does not perform his job and obligations, violates and does NOT support the Constitution of the USA. And on base of this Constitution, Article. VI. where is written that requirement to qualify for to hold any Office is to support this Constitution. So, if Cruz is a real man - he must resign. And for violation of the Code of Ethics for Government Employees must be a few years prison term. And it is too bad: President Obama, who has a very big mouth and very small brain / low IQ and US Senators, including US Senator Cruz, who is a member of US Senate Committee on Judiciary, are supporting, covering up crimes of US Justice Roberts, Chief US Judge, Michael Mosman, Ann Aiken, Senior Judge Owen Panner, Marsha Pechman, Ancer Haggerty (Ret), Sidney Thomas, Barbara Lynn, A. Joe Fish, Carl Stewart, Renee Toliver, Irma Ramirez, R.B. Leighton and etc. All of them did Judicial tyranny and misconduct, abused the power of office, lost We the People Trust and punishment for it must be up to 10 years prison term. But, who will punish US Judges and Attorneys? The name of this crime is a rape of the Constitution of the USA. //////////National debt is $20 Trillion. It says that US government: "experienced" President and all members of US Congress, Senate and House are useless and not qualify to run this nation. We the People, for the national interests must fire all of them. ............ ........Republicans, Democrats, Independents and others: help your-self and this country, take money off election, take election process in own hands: in schools, colleges, universities, on workplaces, in neighborhood and etc organize Mock Elections: review candidates Statements - and vote for who is the best for you and this country - vote for me, Pavel Goberman, because I do NOT see who is better could help this nation. /////// ................ . I'm a Problem Solver and my health / fitness business looks like internationally is the BEST in approach to health / fitness and benefits to the people and as US Senator will beneficial to this country, will save big money on the health care. I smarter, wiser, healthier, survived WWII  and have much more energy and life experience than Pope Fransis, who created problems for the USA and Europe: encourages illegal immigration and against death penalty for who kill innocent people. What an idiot: the Bible says: do NOT kill. ///// ............ . I want to change "dirty diapers", put a "fresh, honest and incorruptible blood" in US government, Senate. ////////// As US Senator I will try to prevent nuclear World War 3 (WWIII), change black robes of a few "Honorable" judges and others on black and white robes for violation and rape of the Constitution of the USA and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees and etc,. ........... On base of the Constitution of the USA I filed with US District Court a lawsuit against the SSA with demand a court trial by Jury but "Honorable" US Judge Leighton said that I didn't serve Defendant (SSA) and didn't demand a court trial by jury, that is a lie, dirty lie and my Complaint / Motions are "Frivolous and baseless" and refuses trial by Jury. It is a brutal rape of the Constitution of the USA: Article. III. Section. 2. It is a crime / felony, judicial tyranny, misconduct and a plot and conspiracy with the State Bar lawyers' mafia / junta: judges and lawyers do not want people be ProSe - they wanted people to pay big money to the lawyers. The court trial by Jury must decide, solve a dispute if I served Defendant or not, but not judge alone.  President Obama and US Senators Cruz, Wyden, Merkley, Murray, Cantwell and others are responsible for crimes of US Judges - President and US Senators are appointing not qualify US Judges. What this nation could expect from US Judges and Attorneys when they appointed by President of the USA and confirmed by US Senate? Nothing good for We the People. It is NOT "separation of power", it is NOT "check and balance": they became a puppets in hands of US government and are covering up crimes as briberies of the President of the USA, US Senators and US government agencies and employees. US Judges and Attorneys must be elected. It will be a real separation of power. ............................................ I want to take election process from the hands of the corrupted media into hands of the people, using the Public Broadcast Service (PBS), funded and supported by the government / taxpayers, businesses and the public for to inform and educate the public about candidates running for the public offices. This action will take money off of elections, will stop bribery, corruption and selling this country. But the PBS is a stage, not for We the People, but for big media sharks as Washington Post, AP and others. .............. "" ("Politicians are ars agriculturalstupid" - Donald Trump. .................... . In 2008 about 185,000 voted for me. I have an education: 2 years Tech Univercity and 5 ye and worked as successful manager in the former USSR, and had an award for it. Attended a few universities in the USA. I run for the public office not because "I have experience", and do not say "We must", "We need", "American People want", but because I'm a problems solver, and do not see someone who is better than me could solve these problem. Legal help: crooks in American Civil Liberty Union (ACLU), Columbia Legal Services, Texas so named Legal Help and so many others are crooks: intentionally do not help poor people. So, cities must establish the real legal help. Girl Scouts must be a leaders for all girls in the USA: make own cookies and sell. State Inspections for new cars must be terminated. Vehicle Insurance is a good suggestion, recommendation, but not a law: it is NOT government business to dictate people what to do. //////////////. "The fish started be rotten from head" - proverb.                . ....................... . Joe Biden for President in 2020? Really? What he for many years as Vice President he contributed to this country? Nothing. So, as President he will be same, useless. ..................... . It is the media junta promotes him, pushes him to run, but not for good to this country, but for own monetary benefits: more candidates - more money for the media. . ............. . All is going on as I predicted: in Primary 2014 voted only 35%. Obama supported and encourage illegal immigration on base of "to escape violence, drugs and poverty". What a bullshit. How about American children in Chicago, NY, LA and etc? Where they could escape violence, gangs and poverty? It is an organize plot and conspiracy looks like by the President and First Woman M. Obama (word Lady I use for honest woman). They opened national borders, but not own home. And who pay big for it? Not Obama family, but the taxpayers by borrow from China and the People, paying more income and property taxes, roads construction and repear fees, higher price on gas, food and etc. Why do not spend these $Billions on American children? The media teach children to lie./////////////////////Evidence of the lie of the media junta: ABC News / 60 min reported that many refugees in Syria retuned to homes in Aleppo, Syria, but says no one that President Assad and Russia kicked terrorists out. ///////////// Also: big pharma wants to extort from taxpayers big money, paid the media, and the media started campaign about danger of "Zika Virus" to national health and pushed Congress to give more money for "research". Also National Institute of Health (NIH) gave away many millions dollars as Grants to hospitals, research organizations. ////////// //// Also evidence of corrupted media junta: big toys makers companies as "Toys"R"Us" paid the media mafia and it organized "Toys Drive" for Christmas. Result: toys makers got many millions dollars profits. It is a reality. //////////////////////////

It is good that Mitt Romney does not run for president: he is a very poor business manager and didn't listen to me. Change dirty diapers. Housing shortage; The government of the USA, religion organizations are spending big money on to build housing for refugees in many countries, but in the USA are so many homeless, and many of them are veterans. What a shame! Who care? Businesses and institutions could build own housing for employees and students. Allow home owners to rent out extra rooms, and pay for this Business License only $20 per 6 months. Stop the media to create a hate against police: they are dying for us. Reduce sales and property taxes. Without due process of law prohibit wage / income garnishment without Order by the Court. I do not accept any "donation" from no one. I'm in good health: swim using Butterfly strokes, pull-up 5 times, push-up 50 times in 1-min. and etc.     I filed with the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court John Roberts Complaint against US District Court Judges A. Haggerty and A. Aiken and many others, but ... this judicial system is so rotten. Roberts does obstruction of justice and must be removed from office.

  And, very important: in 2000 US Supreme Court ruled and in 2008 affirmed that Closed Primary Elections are unconstitutional. .......////////...... the " For me it is a surprise: so many people are saying that they are patriots of this country, saying USA, USA, USA. They are so brainwashed by the media mafia, and it is in most Americans brains that to be elected must pay the media junta, buy election. Fake love. And only I, former Immigrant with imperfect English stand up for this Constitution: against money in elections, against political and the media prostitution, against selling this country by the media mafia. ......///////..... With so many narrow minded Presidents of the USA, so many US Senators, Congressmen and Generals, USA lost so many troopers and lost wars in Irag and Afghanistan because the tactic of wars was wrong, and they ignored my help. And now these losses created a military and potential nuclear threat to the USA. 

  //////////With this unconstitutional election process the USA is a very sick country: is has "Election / Political Disease", and looks like very bad disease. Not smart candidates and politicians are paying the media junta / mafia prostitutes big money, bought elections and are creating so bad policies and many enemies, that could bring wars with weapons of mass desruction in the USA as nuclear, chemical or biological with many deaths. In Iran is a death penalty for corruption, even hang people in public, but corrupted media in the USA says no one word about it, that is a lie. In the USA corruption is so big, under name "funds raising": big profit, election and promotion. ........ /////////////................. . People of State of Texas, help your-self and this nation: vote for me as US Senator, ,,,,,//////......... Conflict Russia / USA: When Obama and Kerry dictated Putin what to do, Putin starts do just opposite. Russia will NOT occupy Ukraine if the West will not start occupy Ukraine: Putin will protect Russians there. This conflict will be solved by election. Too bad: the USA and Russia fought terrorism, fly in space together, but now fighting each other. It is not good for our national security. Sanctions could lead to worse relations....../////.....And conflict with Syria: people there elected Bashar al-Assad, but Obama and Kerry, an international dictators,   are saying that this "tyran" must go. Wow! Obama and Kerry: judges in the USA are tyrans, rulers: violated my civil and human rights. President Trump, stop obstruction of justice: fire US Judges A. Haggerty, A. Aiken, M. Simon and many more in Texas, and back off from Syria. Syria is not danger to the USA, but the USA could need a help from Assad to fight terrorists there. ...../////..... Russia could close a gas line, and suffer will be people in Ukraine, Germany, France, Italy. And more important: the loser will be the USA, We the People: started new "Cold War"President Trump, fix so named "Democracy" in own country, in the USA: for 18 years I can't get justice: reinstatement and compensation by TRI-MET for my illegal termination and which owes me at least $950K, and etc. I was arrested and placed in jail, my Driver License was illegally confiscated. 

When you, President Trump, and all members of US Congress (Senate and House) got elected by buying the media and selling We the People, that is a prostitution. This country ruled and manipulated by Democratic and Republican Parties, but all of you: the President,  Congress, parties and masses are ruled, controled, manipulated and brainwashed by one dictator - the media junta / mafia, a domestic terrorist organization - it is a Fascism. Many our soldiers died in Iraq because of the media. .....///////.....Elected politicians depend on the media junta, which could make or brake politicians. Now the media mafia dictates President Trump to take action against Syria and Russia, saying that if not - USA shows it's weakness. What a morons! But it is good that Trump ignores narrow minded media idiots. .....//////..... To keep peace, my advise to "wise" President Trump : back off from Europe (Ukraine and Russia). They are not a threat to our national security and do not send there our money, equipment and soldiers to die. Europe will solve this problem. Do NOT start WAR. Many young men are in refugee camps, but why Americans must feed and die for them?

.     Nation pays now about $2 Trillions a year on the Interest. How many jobs could be created? So, it is a common sense: balance budget as soon as possible, and I could help to do it. ........///////.......I do not see any Candidate for US Senator who promise as me to help to create a few millions jobs, balance budget, improve heavy traffic and etc. Many millions Americans are against ObamaCare" I do not see the difference between Democrats and Republican Candidates. All of them are accepting so named "donations", paying the media: buying election. "The receiver is as bad as the thief" (Proverb). For me it is a very good feeling be honest and incorruptible. They lost dependency on all of us, We the People, and somehow must pay back to donors. - why they are running? So, help your-selves and this country: vote not for a party, but for a person, me, who will help you and this country: write in your Ballot my name: Pavel Goberman. Many people are ignoring to vote in the Primary. So, the organize special interests groups will take advantage from it. and national debt will much higher.        .          

    People of Texas, I don't want to live in Washington, DC, even don't want be US Senator - I have no time for this because of my fitness business, which could earn me a Nobel Prize. So, why am I, former Immigrant (from Russia) with imperfect English (D, but honest, incorruptible, with faith, integrity and high moral principles) running for US Senate against disfunctional, useless Cruz, who gave an Oath, but does not perfom his job and obligation, ignored all my Complaints,violates, criminal contempt our laws and may not hold any public office. How low this nation fell: approval of US Senate is very low, huge, more than $20 Trillion deficit and continue to borrow from China and Japan and pays huge interests, which could create so many jobs in the USA, high unemployment, high crime, many have no health insurance, high income and property taxes, heavy traffic, poor education. I do not say as many candidate say: "We must", "American people want", "We need to focus on jobs", "Somehow" and etc., but I have a concrete plan to help this country   .                  Nation must pprotect seniors and veterans. Prevent closure of mobile and motor homes parks, or full compensation, stop high rent increase of spaces, or buy out properties. Health care for all citizens and no to ObamaCare and no penalty for not buying ObamaCare  health insurance because health care will cost too much. When I see as 6 or 7 the hospital employees are pushing one hospital bed and when CEOs of the so named non-profit organizations get salaries of many millions dollars, it says why health insurance is so expensive. Reduce cost of drugs.  Harder punishment for crimes and death penalty to who kills people for to steal cellular phone and for brutal rape. Establish the real Legal Aid. Prohibit to use chemicals in foods and use hormons to feed animals, that cause of cancers. Put ban on buying breeder stock that carried the Salmonella bacteria. . Prohibit Fannie Mae to rob students: student loans must be no more than 3% interest. Auto insurance: it is a "street robbery", if no accidents - 50% money back, and seniors and others, who drive no more than 100 miles a month - 75% premium off. Prohibit FaceBook, Twitter, Google and others to ask people private information as date of birth and etc. On the Middle East is no peace because the approach to peace there is wrong. I have a plan to help to make peace there. And etc. .../////.... Some are asking: what is your experience? I have 2 years technical univercity and 5 years agricultural univercity. After university I was successful Business Manager and Social Worker, and in first year made a big profit for government and had an award for it. And now I'm an Author, Publisher, Producer and Instructor of my unique fitness program Get Energized! And: without plan to create millions jobs and balance budget - I would not run. Experience: Former President Obama, US Senators T. Cruz, moRon Wyden and so many others, with theirs perfect English, have no any experience how to run own business, but have a lot of experience to talk, to occupy public offices and spending money, in creating huge national debt, but they contributed nothing to help this country to make money, to create jobs. And are not convicted yet felons.

  If approval of US Senate is 7- 13%, why vote for same disfunctional Senators? There is no need big money in elections: it is the obligation of the PBS to inform and educate voters about candidates running for US Senator: broadcast Forum / Debates of Candidates, but the  /  Many CEO of the PBS, with salary about $300,000 , intentionally, with conspiracy of big media mafia intentionally refused to inform the public.  One CEO S. Bass even refused me to talk to the Board of Directors. It is a violation of my Freedom of Speech / the Constitution of the USA and  must suspend from the PBS non-for-profit status, and all donations must not be tax deductible. ....//////..... The media ask the public question: who to blame for huge debt, for so low approval of Congress and for possible shutdown of government - Republicans or Democrats? The answer is very simple: blame the media. These not smart politicians bought the media, and the media helped them be elected. The media does not care about this country, but money.                           Theodore Roosevelt said (with my comment):  "To announce that there must be no criticism of the president (or Democratic or Republican Parties), or that we are to stand by the president (or Democratic or Republican Parties) right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.". ...//////......Franklin D. Roosevelt said: " ..... Fascism - ownership of government by individual, by a group, or any controlling private power". How right was he. The media junta / mafia in the USA own and control the government. The media make politicians (who pay it) and destroys - as me, who refuse to pay.

 The name of my campaigns are: "I promise to create millions jobs and balance Budget" and "Stop bribery, corruption and selling our country by organize media junta / mafia and politicians". Proverb: "The Receiver is as bad as the thief" - therefore I do not accept any "donation". ....//////..... Now many health insurance companies are making huge profits by dropping health insurance coverage for employees and retirees and pushing people to buy ObamaCare health insurance. Boycott ObamaCare. Why so many people are spending time and money on health clubs to be healthy and now again must pay a penalty if not buy ObamaCare?

   Former President Clinton endorsed President Obama for reelection not for national, but for own family  benefits. In 2016 his wife Hillary will run for President. If Romney will be elected, and in 2016 will run for reelection - Hillary will lose. Very simple. It is dirty politic.

  No one employer hire and pay to a lazy, dumb employee who does not help to make money. Or fired this employee right away.  So must be and nation. But ... how We the People - the  Employer of all government employees, during elections hired useless, not smart President Obama, who said "I'm open to ideas", but ignored my help. US Senators Ted Cruz, moRon Wyden and Merkley, Congressmen Jeb Hensarling, Bonamici, Blumenauer, DeFazio, Kurt Schrader, Walden and etc in other states who can't fix, but are destroying our economy? And most of them are running again and again. Really? Oh, yes. What the real People could expect from these kind of people who have no any self-esteem? They are violating the Platform of Democratic Party and Republican Parties.      

 And how they got elected? The answer is: very easy - pay, buy corrupted media and it will talk about you. The media junta in the USA has no any morality, no any the real patriotism to this country, but money, money and money. So and most politicians: name me one honest politician who know our laws and perform his / her job and obligations and to whom I could talk? But: all of them, including President Trump, gave Oath of Office, but do not perform theirs job and obligations and are violating the Code of Ethics for Government Employees. What a garbage is in government: not convicted yet criminals.                                   Candidate for President M Romney was a very poor business manager: ignored my help and lost.

     Obama also was a very poor business manager, failed and without my help did not fix many national problems. Romney had no any concrete plan to help country, ignored my help and as I predicted he lost. ..... ////// ....The Constitution of the USA is a core, a root of this country and I'm a National Treasure, Defender and Prosecuter: no one better than me is fighting against money in elections, against selling this country by corrupted politicins and the media mafia. No one better than me is fighting for to protect and defend the Constitution of the USA from violation, abuse and criminal contempt by politicians, judges and the media junta. . ....////.... The USA officially is a Capitalist country. But it is not fully true. In the USA are three systems created by the media mafia / junta: 1) Capitalism (about 60% of population: unemployed, homeless, poor and with salaries up to $40,000 a year), 2) Socialism (about 30% of population with salaries up to $100,000 a year. Most of them are all governments employees), and 3) Comminism (about 10% of population with salaries over $100,000 a year). It is a real the USA. For this huge amount of money they could buy everything what they want. It is a Communism. But the media does not talk about it. Do not say truth is a lie.

   The government of the USA looks like is the most corrupted government in the world. And does it open, with big support of the corrupted media junta on base of "funds raising. ..../////.... If a candidate for the public office runs against an incumbent because he or she violates our laws or useless, the media says that this candidate runs negative campaign. The media: shut up! Obey the Code of Ethics for the Media.  ....////....In the USA the media, but not President or US Congress, unoficially is in charge of this country. And if the President or any politician will stand up against corrupted media mafia, the media junta will destroy, will start campaign against this person (as me). The media in the USA is the worst organize domestic terrorist organization, a criminal enterprise, an enemy of We the People. It is worse than ISIS, Al Qaeda because it destoy our democracy:  the media mafia does not care about this country, does not care about our soldiers are dying in war zones, but care only to make many millions dollars from candidates running for the public offices. The media junta creates political and the media prostitution, constant lie, makes artificial noises, artificial laughs, misleads, brainwash masses, sells this country, destroys our democracy and creates a danger to our national security.          

  The media junta does not want the people be smart and think, and the best way to do it, the best way to manipulate and brainwash the masses, and make big money too, is to concentrate, to direct the people from thinking to promote  entertainment, to watch TV, videos, movies, to watch sports and play games, to sing, dance, and etc. But not on education. And it work for the media, but not for country: only 28% think and vote. Result: huge profit for the media mafia. Nation lost. "Talking Machine" President Obama, created: more illegal immigration, huge deficit, more unemployment, more debt for students, accepted many millions dollars, runs for office again and talks, talks and talks about how good he is. Where is selfesteem of this Cuckoo? Move Forward? To where? To more unemployment and bigger debt? No!& ..../////..... The people with brains are ignoring him. ....//////..... In 2008 I tried to help Mitt Romney be elected, but he ignored me, and as I predicted he will not be elected. This nation must have one party: "We the People, the Constitution of the USA. ///////// ///// In former USSR, if hunger political prisoner went on hunger strike, the KGB said that this prisoner went on diet. When I filed a lawsuit against US Judges for rape the Constitution of the USA, US Judge Haggerty said that I "Harass government employees".

 width="108" height="126" alt="" size="4" face="Times New Roman" src="http://www.getenergized.com/images/gober_p.jpg" />  It is me, Pavel Goberman.                           &nbs

 High price of fuel. Oil companies as BP, Exxon and etc "donated" politicians big money and now are making many billions dollars profits, and ..... still are on taxpayers subsidies. ................/////////////.............. The media (Super PACs) in the USA owned by large corporations as General Electic owns NBC, Walt Disney owns ABC, Westinghouse (British) owns CBS, and Murdoch - News Corporation (again British) owns Fox Network. As we see the USA still is a British colony.

 To see pictures of me, in Google.com search:    Pavel Goberman pictures images   (5 pictures)

   Right away I want to say You, our State, Nation and all World: I'm a Voice, a Guardian and Represent and Defend the Constitution of the USA: We the People, the future government By and For We the People.    

  I "sick and tired" from corrupted politicians, who pay the media for promotions, and depend on it. I depend on "We the People".     

   If I will not be elected - our state and nation will continue to have same problems.


  I'm so sorry for this nation, which allowed to be manipulated, misleaded and brainwashed by corrupted media junta and politicians. Most People do not think. Same was in former USSR.

  The government of the USA created $20 Trillion deficit, potential terrorists are living in the USA and are ready to kill Americans? In government is bribery and corruption. ........"Winer Never Quit, and Quiter Never Win.", said Napoleon Hill. And run again.

   etc.                                       If you will not vote - the media junta will&take advantage from it.                                  Edmund Burke said: "The triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". You are in charge of this country and have the power to elect the government which would work for you, your family, our state and nation. Just vote for me.   If honest people will not vote: nothing will change.                    

&nbGreat American Writer Mark Twain said: "Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish others". "......////////// ....."Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country"......I'm doing to do it. ...////////......... The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”. ....//////..... And politicans, who accepting money or other "donations, contributions" and advertisements - must be impeached for bribery; and "donors" must prosecuted for bribery and corruption of politicians: all of them are violating our Constitution, Article II, Section 4, and the Code of Ethics for Gov., destroying our democracy. It is NOT for the public, We the People interests. ....//////...... Beside honesty, US Congressmen must be not only smart, wise, must have a lot of life experience, must be a Leader and also must be fit and healthy. Politician must be an example for all nation especially when so many people are overweight, need help and health care cost too much.         

 I really do not want to be US Senator and live in Washington, DC. I will be very successful in my fitness business: help people in prevention of many medical problems. ....///////....... President Obama did felony. On base of Criminal Code Title 9 GCA Chapter 49.40(a)(b) Unlawful Influence, he pushed some US Senators to vote for his political agenda in exchange for some benefits for senators' states. It is a crime. President Obama must be impeached. But, who will impeach him if he appointed US Judges?....//////...... Lack of health insurance kills about 25,000 Americans a year. It is a crime and discrimination by US government against own People. All citizen must have health insurance right now, and I have a plan to do it by demanding from insurance and drug companies to reduce prices. And same time people must participate in prevention of medical problems, as I do.

  Insurance companies have have huge, many billion dollars profit in 2008. And where from this huge money came from, who paid to them? The government, Medicare, the public, we, taxpayers. ,,,.///////......Demand from drug makers to cut the cost of drugs or buy drugs from abroad.

My plan is: right now nation must start to participate in fitness activities. Give to all children in all schools jump ropes, and they will do competition with me in using a jump rope, in push ups, pull ups and etc.  Nation must build more health clubs, and there will be no too much need for new hospitals, doctors, nurses and drugs. Cut huge salaries of overpay, very poor business managers,  CEO of Banks and Regency BlueCross BlueShild Dr. John B. McMullan from $765,000 and many, many others high pay government employees who have salaries of many hundred thousand dollars to no more than $90K. It will generate a huge amount of money for uninsured. If they don't like it - they could open own business, or go on the public assistance. Also: not "negotiate" as corrupted by drug companies. Very important: this so named Health Care Reform Bill, The Obama Plan, was written by Mz. Meena Seeshamani, Author, who works for lobbyists of insurance companies and drug makers. And who voted for this Bill, also got big donations in elections from drug makers. .....//////..... From articles about me: "Unique Political Phenomenon", "Immigrant of the Day, Exercise Guru and politician", "This guy's got gumption",                 "Pavel Goberman expremely outspoken, expose corrupt politicians, crooked businesses and evil does of all stripes. Remarkably fit and energetic. Amazinly passionate about his politics. Annoyed about every major political figure in Oregon, a loudable accomplishment in itself. He wants to wrip Oregon and national politics into shape, increase public debate, removal campaign contributions from electroral politics". "My favorite politician".


  "Do NOT occupy space if you can't fill it", said Napoleon Bonaperte. ...////.....I'm NOT a Follower, I'm a Leader. I'm a Fighter for our Constitution and We the People. I challenge this so rotten and corrupted election, political and judicial systems, and as US Senator I right away will benefits you and We the People and this country. ..../////...... Agenda of "experienced" politicians are "We need .... we must .... somehow, American people want and etc". And it is "working": huge, unlimited spending and wasting taxpayers money without any record, huge debt, unemployment and etc.

                                              There are proverbs:

  "President Obama and his administration is a network of giving away taxpayers money for free". Me, Pavel Goberman

    "Talk doesn't cook rice",- Chinise proverb.                                              "When deeds speak, words are nothing", -    Proverb.                                   

 "Empty talks without plans will not create jobs", Pavel Goberman Proverb.      

 "Empty vessels make much noise",- African Proverb.                                              

  "Well done is better than well said", - Benjamin Franklin.                             

  "Don't find fault. Find a remedy", - Henry Ford.


   No one want to smell so dirty diapers and a simple solution is: change it!


  Again, again and again: national security is more important than economy. We could be very rich, very low unemployment, but if we will not protect this country from a weapons of mass destruction - many millions Americans could die. Dead people do not need work. We must prevent World War III, but this government does nothing for it, but opposite: created bad relationship with Russia.                     

   CIA did a very good job by not disclosure all secrets to all Members of US Senate and House because many politicians are corrupted,

  I have a very high credit score (760) from Bank of America (BoA), Verizon, America On Line (AOL), VISA and etc. .....///////.......
--About money: American Proverb, "The receiver is as bad as the thief" and "Do not put robber to work for bank". "Money in elections is a pollution of our democracy".


 My Brain, Honesty, Faith, High Moral Principles, Knowledge and Health are symbols of my Strenth

--President Trump want "stimulate" economy, create more infrastructure jobs. More job is good, but ... where they will get money from? Federal government has no money, but have a huge $20 trillion budget deficit and bailed out banks and auto industry: spent money which fed government has no. Again borrow money from China and Japan and pay back to the donors.
  Kulongoski raised taxes, fees and etc. Moron: there is no need too much brain to run state by raising taxes.

 Our nation is running not by US government, but by Wall Street, by NYSE. Investing money in the NYSE, in what we can't control, is a gambling. Children are palying with toys, and not smart adults are playing with stocks, bonds and etc.

--Bailout banks and car industry as GM, Chrysler, Ford, Chevy is a very bad idea, it is a pay back to donors, it is a reward to companies and theirs very high paid executives for very poor management. It is a Socialist system. And again: where the government will get money from? Counterfeiting, print new money? But it is a felony and must be punished. 
--These companies must file bankruptcy. as did airlines companies. But some idiots are saying that no one will buy from bankrupt company. What a morons! Reduce price of cars and the people will buy American cars.

--This country must make, produce goods and products here, in the USA, and sell them abroad, that will generate big money and we could invest this money in ifrastructure and other jobs. But these idiots do not know how to do it. They have no experience how to make money, but they have a lot experience to spend money and raise taxes, fees for cars and etc.
..... ///////.......-Cut salaries of lazy, overpaid state agencies directors and many others from $157,000 to $70,000 and pay more to low income.

--Budget: reduce government waste. Many companies as Goodwill Industries do not pay taxes: non profit 501(c)(3). They are paying employees very little, but executives have $600,000 salary per year. Joe Robertson, President of OHSU has salary $1,109,160 , Peter Rapp - $689,358 , Mark Richardson - $688K , Brad King - $617.5K , Steve Stadum - 563K, or US Post Master General Potter had salary $800,000. Now USPMaster, her salary about $350K. Too much! For what?  And many. many more. For what they need too much money? They live as Communists. Cut this easy money that will help in a few years balance budget, 
......//////..... --Parole Boards will have legal and monetary responsibilities for crimes of released by them criminals, 
--In the USA the crime, wandal against properties, including cars is so high. People are working so hard and someone cut tires. Why it happen? Because there is no punishment. The government cares and protects criminals, but not victim. To stop property damage we must make law: allow people to use weapons and shoot. It will stop vandal, 
-- President and US Senators are appointing and US Senate US Attorneys and Judges. It is NOT a separation of power, it not check and balance, it is a violation and rape of the Constitution of the USA. US Attorneys and Judges must be independed from President and Senators and must be elected. Then they could investigate crimes and briberies of US Senators and President. 

-Heavy traffic: highways are for to move vehicles, but last year Americans spent 4.2 billion hours sitting in traffic. I promise to improve traffic and pollution,

It makes people so angry - cars and trucks must move on highways, but not idle.  
     I can reduce heavy traffic right now, but I have no authority to do it. I offered my help, but was ignored. So, have to wait till I will be elected,

 -Car Insurance: It is a "Street Robbery" by corrupted by insurance companies government, abuse of power and dictatorship. Most seniors drive a few miles only, but are paying too much for car insurance. If people have no accidents – 50% money must be returned. Insure a person, but not his or her cars. 
--There is no need smog inspection of new cars till they have warranty, 
--Phone solicities companies will stop disturb and bother people, or they will pay you $5 for each call. They could give message to the People by mail. 
--Credit companies as Transunion, Experian, Equifax and others must stop harass and make the people criminals without court order.

 "The flood of money gushes into politics today is a polution of democracy" - Theodore H. White. 
 "Garbage is a garbage, is in a house and in the White House. 


--US Constitution, Amendment XIV, Section 3 says: No person shall be a Senator or Representative or hold any office who does not support the Constitution of the USA and dishonors the strength or our nation's heritage. 

--People of the USA: Democrats, Republican, Independents, others parties and not affiliated, wake up, take this country back. Government is your employee and must work for you and obey you. I walked door-to-door and talked to many thousands of people. People do not trust government, saying about bribery and corruption and many do not vote. Many said to me that nation needs more people as me in government. And I'm giving to you this opportunity: ignore advertisements, change the dirty diapers: help me to fight bribery and corruption in government and media. Help yourself: vote for whom on who you may rely if the disaster will struck. Vote for me and I will defend our Constitution and work for your benefits.

  People of Texas, think before elect someone. Organize in schools, on workplaces, churches, neighborhood and others public meeting as Mock Election and do not vote for an "experienced"Cruz.     As you see, I blame the media and the leaders of Democratic and Republican Parties for political prostitutions. They do not like it and  do everything to block my election. But the loser is this country.                        

 Change dirty diapers now: help yourself and nation - vote for me.                        

Pavel Goberman,    I'm Rescuer of this country from debt. 
getfit@getenergized.com   or     

 P.S. If you wish to help me to work for you - help me be elected, which will benefits to you, your family, our state and nation.                                                                                                                                                                               You may print this Flyer / Sign / Sticker, or print your own one 8.5" X 17" or smaller and put on your inside car's windows, or bigger and place in your home's drive-way and on the roads:

Vote   For HONEST





 NYSE / Dow Jones is going up and down. It is an orchestrated game. The Wall Street runs this country.                                                          Invest in something that I and you can't control - is a gambling.
                Let's Stop Bribery and Corruption of Politicians!
  We the People, let's help this state and nation. For own, state and national benefits contact the President / CEO of the Public Broadcast Service (PBS) with request to pay back to society for the public support: to inform and educate the residents about candidates running for US Senator position in 2018. The PBS must inform and educate the residents about candidates running for the public offices: to broadcast Forums / Debates of Candidates. Call, if ignorance - stop any donation. .......... If my name will not be in your Ballot to vote for US Senator, write it: Pavel Goberman, &, #  ...... ....... (214)698-9448 ......... www.getenergized.com ..... getfit@getenergized.com   Send me email with your suggestions .