On the market today are so many programs and clubs on health, fitness and nutrition with beautiful women and muscular men, as 24 Hours Fitness, LA Fitness, BeachBody.com and etc. Many of them are boring, nothing new, don't need too much brain, but moving and not everyone could use them. But my program is different, innovative and valueable.  I'm teaching how to make microcurrent, produce microelectricity in the body which could kill the cancer cells, prevent many illnesses, diseases (include cancers) and slow down the aging process. How to do it is in book and video. But the result of the BEST workout is if you have and will have after many year a lot of energy and your skin is / will be firm, but NOT crepey and small wrinkles. ........ I'm looking for a large book publisher and promise to sell many millions copies internationally.




GET ENERGIZED!  is a unique method of physical and mental fitness program that promotes proper breathing, posture, self-help by producing microcurrents in the body, relaxation, and exercise. How to build up muscles and/or lose weight. The workout will save you many thousands of dollars. This one workout can get you fit in every way. It will also help you prevent illnesses and this method of fitness develops a strong base for all sports. It should be used in high schools, colleges, universities, law enforcement, military and work environments.

PROPER BREATHING:  not only oxygenates and fuels the muscles, but allows the muscles to perform their functions fully releasing muscle tension.

PROPER POSTURE:  feels good and promotes a feeling of pride and well being. In addition, it is a good habit. 

RELAXATION:  feels good, does you good, relieves emotional tension, stress and reduces blood pressure. Regular daily relaxation exercise is required.

PUMPING RESISTANCE BANDS:  allows you to simulate just about any of the machines currently used in fitness. It is a "Pocket Exerciser, or Pocket Gym," you could take with you everywhere. In fact, it's fun to use for enjoyment, at home, apartment, school, work or while travelling. And cost much less than heavy equipment.

In 1997, 180,000 women were diagnosed with Breast Cancer - 43,000 died.
In 1997, 1,200 men were diagnosed with Prostate Cancer - 400 died.

In 2015 about 231,840 new cases of Breast Cancer in women and 40,290 died. About 2,600 men had Breast cancer and 440 died. ////// This fitness program may greatly help to prevent, cut the risk of breast and prostate cancers, because of producing microelectricity in the body. Microcurrent started the flow in the body, which may kill the cancer cells. (I am going to do the scientific research in this field). The value on my PSA test on Prostate Cancer is 0.6 ng (very good). Now I even do not go to doctor to check my PSA: with using my method of fitness - I for sure that my PSA test will be good.

Pavel Goberman, GET ENERGIZED!
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